Sunday, 31 August 2014

Finally made it to Yosemite

So we left LA to go the bus stop at 9.30ish as the bus was at 10.45. We got to the bus stop super early and waited for the bus, and waited and waited..... It never showed up. So we called Amtrak to discover we were at the wrong bus stop...... 

We ordered an Uber cab to take us to Union Station, as the kind lady on he phone changed our ticket to the 1.05 bus. 

We finally got our bus at 1.05 to Bakersfield. The journey was about 2 hours. We arrived at Bakersfield and changed onto our train to take us to Merced. The train was so nice and comfortable and also had free wifi! The journey was 3 hours and we finally arrived at Merced at 6.30ish.

A kind man got our bags off the train for us and it was now we discovered we had missed the last bus into Yosemite. It left at 5.30..... We were stranded at Merced Amtrak station.......

The kind station master called around some of his connections to try and get us a room but everyone was on vacation - it is Labour Day Weekend after all....... 

We sat down on the floor outside the station for over an hour looking up hostels and hotels nearby that were cheap. We finally found Americas Best Value Inn which was only $50 for both of us for the night. We booked it right away and jumped in a cab to the motel. 

We got to the motel and checked the bed for cockroaches and bed bugs as the reviews said it was common here - uh oh!!!

We had a super early night and fell asleep at 8.30pm, there was nothing else to do!!! 

We got up at 8ish, showered and headed out. We enjoyed the delightful free breakfast, which included toast, bagels and waffles!! Haha! I cooked us both a waffle each using some cool waffle maker!!

We got a cab back to Merced station to take the 9.15 YART bus into Yosemite. The bus took over an hour to get there but we finally arrived at Yosemite Rustic Bug Ranch. 

We checked into our tent cabin which was nicer than we thought and then headed back to the bus stop to grab the YART at 12.10 to Curry Village which is in the centre of Yosemite National Park. 

The bus took longer than meant to due to labour day weekend traffic, everyone seemed to be heading to the park!

We grabbed the tastiest pizza from Curry Village then went to the river and chilled there. 

Whilst there we saw a huge brown bear. A couple we were waking along the path behind where we were chilling and the lady pointed to the trees on the otherwise of the river bank and said she saw a bear. Her husband thought she was joking and so did we. But as I looked closer you could see a large brown object slower moving and it definitely wasn't a human! The best than ran across the river to the side we were on and into the forest. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture fast enough :( 
However saw my first Yosemite bear!!! 

We then went for a short walk around the edge of the river before grabbing the largest ice cream ever from Curry Village!

We hopped back onto the YART for our first night in out little tent cabin!

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