Thursday, 31 July 2014

Second visit to Universal

On Monday sashas family invited us to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and then to stay overnight with them.

It took us two hours on the unreliable itrolley as it did not turn up for an hour! 

Had a lovely meal and drinks with the Teague family and their friends. Had a delcious burger and strawberry mojitos! 

We went to the hotel bar for some more drinks and I had the nicest cocktail with popping candy before getting into the comfiest bed ever! Had the best night sleep sleeping on a bed of mashmallows! Joke! Could've stayed in bed forever!!

The next morning me Sasha and Amy got the boat to the parks. We grabbed a Starbucks for breakfast then went to universal studios first!

Sashas family were super kind and gave amy and I their fast passes for all the rides! We went straight onto the minion ride! It was so much fun! You sit in a car and it's like a simulator and you are riding a car with all the minions! 

Next we went to transformers which is also a simulator ride and so clever and an amazing ride! We all agreed it's hard to explain the simulator type rides you just have to ride it! 

We wandered over to Diagon Alley then ride the hogwarts express to island of adventures and got off at Hogsmede! We rode dragon challenge again and picked the faster side (red!).

We then went on Spider-Man which is very similar to transformers but I thought it was better! I can see why it keeps winning awards for the best ride! 

We rode the Hulk again which is one of my favourites before Sasha left to fly home :(

Amy and I went on Jurassic park which is a water ride but we didn't get that wet! It was fun!

We ate some nachos for lunch and got back on the hogwarts express to diagon alley to get some ice cream! Amy and I both had salted caramel blonde and sticky toffee pudding! Simply amazing! Wish I was going back to the park as I would quite like to the apple crumble flavour and also the clotted cream flavour!

After this we went on Men in Black which is where you are in car with a gun and have to shoot aliens! Was fun!

We then went on the Mummy again! It started to chuck it down with rain so we watched this make up show which I thought was strange!

We went on a ride called disaster and then decided to call it a day!

We walked to the bus stop to see our bus pull away :( they come every half an hour so we decided to eat at tgi Fridays! I had the jack Daniels ribs and chicken which chips and salad! It was super tasty however I thought our sever was rubbish!

Literally had the best day ever and so grateful to the Teague family for the fast passes as it meant we could ride so many more rides! 

Thank you to Sasha and her lovely family for a great two days! It felt like we were on vacation and was just the break we needed before the final hectic two weeks working at Disney!

Much love


Friday, 25 July 2014

Universal Day 1

My first time at universal, was super excited! We got the itrolley to the park which was fun! The itrolley costs Disney employees only 25cents which is mad, and kinda looks like a tram!

We arrived just after 9 at the park and picked up our tickets that we had ordered online. We had managed to get a brilliant deal of unlimited entry to both parks for 2 weeks and entry to Wet and Wild for the price of a 3 day entrance ticket!

We went straight to Hulk a huge Rollercoaster as it was only a 20 min wait, we had been recommended to queue the extra to ride the front so we did! It was definitely worth the longer wait as it was so good from the front! I loved it!

Next we went on Dr Dooms Fear Fall which looked a bit like detonator at Thorpe Park. I thought it would be similar where it slowly goes to the top and then drops you. I wasn't expecting to be throwing straight up super fast and them drop! It was unexpected but fun!

Next myself, Rach and Steph went to Hogsemede while Amy and Sasha rode Jurassic Park. The ride only had a 35 min wait so we queued for that and chose the blue side! Again this was a really good ride, lots of twists and turns and going upside down!

We met up with Amy and went to board the Hogwarts Express to the new Diagon Alley! I don't watch Harry Potter, or have not read the books (sorry!!!) but was still excited to ride the Hogwarts Express! It was so cooool, Harry and the gang 'walk' past your carriage and say they won't sit I'm our carriage as it's too full of first years!

We arrived into Kings Cross Station at platform 9 3/4 and it felt like home! It was very realistic and the sounds of trains of the underground could be heard and the tannoy announcing trains leaving, Such as the 13.34 first capital connect train to Hull! It was so cool!

We then went to Diagon Alley, as I haven't seen the films I just looked and took pictures but apparently it was very like the films and out of this world! I did enjoy butter beer ice cream though. I didn't know if I would like it but it was super tasty!

After Harry Potter we grabbed some lunch in the Simpsons section from Moe's. We went to Krusty's Burger and I had a chilli dog and Krusty's Kurly fries! Mmmmm!

It began to rain so we rode ET, which was hilarious! You are in a bicycle riding around!

After this we watched the animal show which was sooooo good! My favourite show I've seen with lots of animals who had been trained so well and were really talented!

After the show we went to shrek 4D which was good. The seats move and it was so funny we couldn't stop laughing!!

After this we went on the mummy which is a Rollercoaster in the dark and it goes backwards!

Next we watched the superstar parade, which featured minions spongebob, hop and Dora the exlporer!

We then queued for 90 mins for rip rock and ride Rollercoaster! It was worth the wait the ride was insane!! You go up vertically then ride the coaster listening to the song you have chosen! We all chose daft punk! The ride was scary and exciting! My favourite ride of the day followed by hulk!

Afterwards we grabbed some sweet food from a bakery and got the bus home!

Literally such a good day! Buzzing to return on Tuesday!!  :) 

Shout out to Sasha and her fam, it was lovely to see you briefly! xoxo

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A fab two days off :)

On Monday morning I chilled by the pool and then Steph and I went to the Boardwalk to the bakery there which we has been recommended!

The bakery was like a French patisserie with lots of fresh bread, pastries and patisserie items! It was hard to decide what to order but I went for the Mickey Tart (but had the Minnie version!). It was chocolate pastry with an Oreo ganache topped with chocolate and then with a white chocolate Minnie! It tasted delicious!!

We then wandered the boardwalk, it was lovely and felt like we were on holiday at a seaside resort! There was even a wedding happening which we stood and watched for a while!

The clouds started appearing so we decided to head to downtown Disney to find something indoors to do! We were going to go bowling but we realised we didn't have socks so went to Planet Hollywood for dinner instead! The last time we tried to go it was a two hour wait as there were 8 of us. However as there were only two of us it was much easier to get a table!

I ate the LA Lasagne which was amazing! It was a modern take on lasagne. Pasta covered in bread crumbs stuffed with meat and cheese sauce! Surrounded by a tomato sauce, mmmmm!!

On Tuesday Chelsea and I spent the day at Magic Kingdom and had such a fab day! We went early and got fast passes for two rides and to see Rapunzel and Cinderella! We also queued and saw Gaston. He was not as funny as the last Gaston I met, but still amusing!

We queued for just under an hour for splash mountain but it was worth it as the ride is so long and hilarious! We were sat at the front and got soaking wet!!! 

We then ran to Space Mountain to use our fast pass and got straight on it. This is one of my favourite rides, I find it hilarious!!

We then grabbed lunch at Caseys corner, I had some tasty nachos and waited for the parade to start!

After the parade had finished we headed back to the exit to leave. I bumped into my work friend Kelley Jo and we got a cute pic together! :)

We got the bus to cast connections but I just bought a melon, no cheap Disney merchandise took my fancy, I think I have too much stuff from placement year, I don't need anymore!!

We went home chilled, looked at our photos from the day and laughed a lot! We got the bus to DTD and had a ghiradelli ice cream in the rain and came home!

Best day :) 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Disney Food

We seemed to have eaten lots of yummy food whilst on the program so thought I'd do some highlights!

Character Breakfast
The food was amazing and so delicious, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so no wonder I loved it! The croissant, cinnamon pastries and Mickey waffles were my favourite! I also loved the berry soul! It may sounds weird but it was so tasty, was basically like super thick fruit smoothie but you ate it like soup!

Longhorn Steakhouse
We visited here twice. The first time I went I went for the whole meal and the steak was incredible! We shared two pudding, molten chocolate lava cake and apple pie. Both equally delicious! The second time I met the girls after work so only just made it in time for dessert! I had a molten lava cake to myself - yummyyyy! Then our third an final visit I had, steak, chips and sweet potatoes with cinnamon and butter! We then shared a dessert platter with 3 mini desserts! Gonna miss this place!

Ben and Jerry's milkshake
I love ice cream and super thick creamy milkshakes made with ice cream so this place is perfect! The stand is located in the outlet centre and the half baked milkshake topped with whipped cream is divine!

The first Ghiradelli opened in San Fransisco, and there is one in Downtown Disney! The ice cream is so tasty, I enjoyed an Ocean Beach which was a salted Carmel sundae. Even though I felt so full and ill after eating it, it was worth it! Heaven in a cup! I also enjoyed a cookie one which is new and a brownie one whine was super tasty. However my favourite will always be the salted caramel one!! Excited to visit the original im San Fran. I have already some my research and discovered its a 10 minute walk from the hostel! Excited to introduce Laura to the ice cream (hope you're reading this!!!)

This is like maccies only better! The chicken strips were tasty and they are served with waffle fries which taste goooooood! I was recommended the chick-Fil-A sauce which is like honey and mustard, so tasty!!

A FGIT took me here after work and told me it was amazing Chicago pizza, it was! The pizza was nothing I had tasted before and some super weird crust so it kinda looked like a pie! It was also a sort of upside down pizza. The base was stuffed with cheese and them tomato sauce was on top! It was delicious!!

Panera Bread
I discovered this place by chance when I was walking from dollar tree home and have been back many a time since. My favorite and also my room mates is the cinnamon roll. We have ran to Panera early in the morning to pick this up for breakfast!! It's a huge cinnamon roll and simply amazing! 

Rachel and I were lucky enough to get a walk in here and sample the tastiest cannelloni ever! 

Beaches and cream
I wasn't really a fan of the ice cream sink however the second visit to have an ice cream sundae was amazing! All four of us had the one with hot fudge sauce, brownies and Oreos! Would recommend it, however you must arrive with an empty stomach as it's massive!

40% off for cast members and the most delicious African/Indian food ever, what's not to like. I visited here twice so think that explains itself! The first time I enjoyed the curry second time I had a lamb burger. Both times has the bread to start with tasty dips! 

Earl of Sandwich
Supposedly the best sandwich, and it sure tasted good! I visited twice enjoying the holiday turkey one on the first visit then BBQ chicken the second time! I think the holiday turkey is my fave as it's Christmas in a sandwich!!