Saturday, 5 July 2014

4th July

Wooo was lucky enough to be in America for the 4th July!! Although I did have to work a vey stressful 10 hour shift where everything went wrong! But it was nice to see most of the guests dressed in red white and blue and sporting the american flag where possible! :)

I finished work at 8.30 and Lily finished at Typhoon Lagoon at the same time! Her bus was meant to pick her up at 8.45 and drop her at DTD for 8.59 and we were planning on getting the guest bus to Epcot to watch the fireworks at 10pm.

However nothing is reliable over here especially the cast busses. Lily finally Arrived at 9.35 so we ran to the guest busses to find out that no busses go from DTD to Epcot. We were advised to get the bus to Yacht and Beach and then walk to Epcot. We got on the bus and arrived at the hotel at 10.20 so had missed the Epcot fireworks and them Hollywood Studios ones had just started. We walked through the lobby of the hotel to find ourselves on Disney's Boardsalk. We stayed here and watched the tail end of the Epcot fireworks and the rest of the ones from Hollywood Studios. It was not the best view but we managed to see some fireworks!

We wandered along the Boardwalk and grabbed a burger and chips for tea. We saw some people next to us eating some massive circle shaped pudding. I had seen pictures of these before so asked them what it was. It was a Funnel Cake, they told us it tasted like donuts. We walked to the Funnel Cake stand to find out it was closing :( so we told the cast member no worries we would get another day. We then asked him where the cast bus was so so we could go home. He goes "you should have told us you were cast members, meet me by the side door" so we walked to the side of the stand and he gave us a Funnel Cake with icing sugar and chocolate sauce for free! THANK YOU!! :)

We enjoyed the Funnel Cake, it tasted like donuts and profiteroles!! 

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