Saturday, 12 July 2014

Frozen Madness

Frozen has taken over Hollywood Stuidos! Last Wednesday we took a visit to see it! We arrived with plenty of time to get a good spot for the 10am Frozen Parade! 

On arrival we were all given cardboard Olafs to hold, as they do not have the Olaf character yet!! 

The parade starts with 'snow' falling from the sky, which is a bit weird as it was boiling hot outside!! 
The parade featured, Anna and Elsa on a horse drawn carriage and also Kristof. 

There were also people 'skiing' and soldiers with pick axes, plus dancing snowflakes!!

The parade was good and all with the Frozen soundtrack!

We also visited the bakery and sampled the Frozen cupcakes. This includes an Elsa, Anna or Olaf cupcake. The Olaf one is carrot cake, Anna chocolate cake and Elsa vanilla sponge. 

They all look amazing! However I did not think my Anna one tasted amazing the icing was not sweet enough and the cake wasn't fluffy! Maybe Americans make cupcakes different to ones at home!! 

There is also an ice rink, and an area with 'snow' where guests can build snowmen! There is also a massive Frozen merchandise store, which at the moment does have Anna and Elsa dresses! I bought myself a mini Olaf, he is cute :) 

This Wednesday we went back to Hollywood Studios to catch the Frozen fireworks. The fireworks are at 9.45 and start with Anna and Kristoff on stage speaking and then the fireworks start and are synced to Frozem tunes. Then Elsa comes on stage and there is an image of Olaf melting in the summer heat. Elsa says that she needs to freeze him again, she puts her arms out like she does in the film, fireworks start right on queue and so does the song Let It Go! They are pretty spectacular! The whole display ends with fake snow falling from the sky! 

Frozen is literally taking over Disney!!!

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