Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Resort days

The pool at Patterson is nice but it's not luxurious, so on our days off we decided to visit a resort and spent the day being a hotel guest by their pool! We have been to two resorts now!

Last week we visited the Polynesian for the day. The resort is having a lot of work done on it but the pool area was just bliss. There was a main pool with a slide and then a mini beach. The beach was cute and looked out over to Magic Kingdom, you could see Space Mountain and the top of the the Princess Castle. We spent the whole day on the beach on loungers catching the rays or in the pool!

Today we went to Caribbean Beach Resort! The resort was huge with 6 pools dotted around the resort. There were also a number of lakes with sandy beaches, deck chairs and hammocks. Of course we attempted to get into the hammocks! 

We also enjoyed cocktails on the beach :)

The Disney hotels/resorts are gorgeous! Now where to go next week.......

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