Friday, 4 July 2014

Magical Moments

So one of the big things about working in the Disney parks are the magical moments for the guests. These are extra special things that cast members can perform for guests. 

In the boutique these magic moments are super cute and I was lucky enough to perform two on Thursday.

The first was for a Princess whose father had bought her a special silver tiara with diamonds in it. I had to go and tell her that Tinkerbell had given me the tiara especially for her as she was Princess of the Day! She was completely speechless and overwhelmed and she looked so happy! When the fairy godmother turned the chair around so she could see what she looked like in the mirror she was stunned! It was such a precious moment!

The next magical moment happened when a little Princess had saved up a years worth of pocket money to visit the boutique and paid for her transformation herself! My coordinator decided to give her a wand, complimentary. I was asked to present the princess with the wand and told her that Tinkerbell had given me the wand to give to her as she knew she had worked so hard saving all her money to visit the boutique! Her huge smile was priceless! 

It's the little things like that that make the job worthwhile and so special :) 

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