Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Character meet and greet day

Yesterday Amy and I took a spontaneous trip to Magic Kingdom with the intent of queuing to see Anna and Elsa. The queue in usually about 3-5 hours but when we arrived it was only 90 mins. We joined the queue and waited for about 20 mins until a guest and cast member approached us asking us if it was just the two of us! We replied yes and she asked us to follow her! The guest had a fast pass for Anna and Elsa that she didn't want and wanted us to have it! The guest was lovely and we took a pic with her to show her husband the lovely English girls she gave her fast pass too!!! 

We went straight to the front of the line and straight into see the characters! We were sooo lucky!!

Next we went to see Gaston, and queued for 29 mins for him. He was such a flirt and a cheeky character! He made me place my hands on his muscly arms and he picked me up, i couldn't stop laughing it was so awkward but hilarious! 

Amy then took her pics with him and then he made us both in a picture together. Amy had her hands around his waist and he whispers to her "it's a meet and greet, not a meet and grope". We were in hysterics and the pictures are hilarious cos we are laughing in all of them!!

We watched the parade again and it was good, of course!! Although they had changed it a little but to accommodate for the craze of Frozen and Anna and Elsa were given a larger section of the parade! 

We then decided to leave but saw Tinkerbell had a 10 min wait. We didn't event wait 5 mins to see her and went straight and got a pic with her! 

What a cute day - thanks Amy :) xx

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