Friday, 18 July 2014

Kitchen Sink Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Sink has been top of my Disney bucket list! It is basically a load of ice cream put in a kitchen sink smothered in all toppings imaginable for $30ish for 4 people to share!

The place that serves the ice cream is called Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Yacht and Beach Resort! It's like a cool ice cream parlour and the decor is amazing, there is even a duke box!

When someone orders the ice cream sink and the waitress brings it to your table they dim the lights and a light flashes and they make an announcement and everyone cheers!

The family next to us received the sink when we arrived and we thought it was for the family to share but them others in their party started receiving their own ice cream sundaes. We soon realised that this ice cream sink was for one person! Wow America is crazy!! 

Anyways we ordered a sink between 4, we omitted the coffee and mint choc chip ice cream for birthday cake ice cream. I also asked them to not put any nut toppings on it.

However they put peanut butter sauce on it, which I hate the taste of so couldn't fully enjoy it as kept getting horrible tastes of peanut butter - yuck!

I did though enjoy tucking into the Oreos, brownies and cake covered in squirty cream! Apparently they use a whole can of squirty cream per sink!!

I would love to go back to Beaches and Cream and have a sundae to myself! :)

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