Friday, 29 August 2014

Another day in LA

Yesterday we were going to hire bikes and cycle to thr Griffiths Observatory to see the Hollywood sign. However we soon discovered to get to the place to hire the bikes was over an hour walk away, but to walk to Griffiths Observatory was exactly the same distance.

We decided to brave it and walk to the observatory. It was super hot and the walk to Griffiths Park was okay as it was all residential.

Griffiths Park was beautiful, it was all covered in trees and very popular with dog walkers and runners. We walked through the park to the top and then it all opened out and was like the desert. The sun was beaming down and we had to walk up hill. It was a struggle but I perserveered and made it to the top. 

The sign was actually still pretty far away, and kinda disappointing. I think we would need to hire a car to get closer to it. However the views if LA were stunning. You felt on top of the world looking at the vast city of LA. I loved it.

We stopped in the cafe for the tastiest burrito, which we shared as it was huge. We definitely enjoyed lunch with a view!

We also explored above the observatory to get a better view which was beauts.

We also looked inside which was a museum about space and saw this cool pendulum which knocks over pegs with the tilt of the earth.

We them headed back down the mountain to go home. It was hot but so worth it. We also discovered there was a short cut home! Typical us!!

We got back made an early tea and got ready for the a baseball game. Los Angeles Angels vs Oakland Athletics.

We got the metro to Union Station, where we then got a special Angels train to the Anaheim Stadium. It was a good 30 mins away!

When we arrived we were both shocked at how big the stadium was! We entered the stadium and felt so out if place not wearing red or an Angels top so we went to the store to buy Angels tshirts. We bought youth ones so only cost us $7, bargain!

We then found our seats and got ready for the the start at 7.05pm.

Nessan and his two mates then joined us at 8.30ish as it took them 1h40 in a cab.

The game was amazing!! Both teams were really good and the oppersition were a tough team to beat. It was a draw throughout and all down to the 10th game, but Hewie managed it and the Los Angeles Angels WON!!!

We didn't really understand the rules, but with the help of some friendly Americans around us who thought all us Brits were hilarious, and by trying to work the rules out ourselves with kinda managed to understand what was going in! 

The atmosphere was amazing!

We paid only $8 for our tickers so were quite high up but not at the top. However many people started to leave towards the end of the game so we decided to move down to the bottom for a better view!

Another brilliant day in Los Angeles!! 

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