Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fabulous day exploring LA - Day 1

We woke up early Tuesday morning as the hostel was soooo noisy, showered and headed out into LA.

The hostel called PodShare, is in such an amazing location, you walk a couple of steps up the street and you are on the walk of fame by the stars in the ground. 

We grabbed a croissant and drink from a cute cafe and walked along Hollywood Boulevard to the Chinese theatre where we were to by tickets for the Hop on Hop off Bus. We bought a two day pass. We got on the red route first and headed around Hollywood then onto Beverly Hills. We got off at stop 7, which was ideal to explore Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive.

We took pictures at the Beverly Hills sign then walked to Rodeo Drive. The whole area was amazing, posh shops, beautiful houses and lots of wealthy well dressed people. We looked out of place but ah well we are tourists after all.

I absolutely loved it here, and would love to own a house in this area - a girl can dream!

At stop 7, we then transferred to the yellow route and got the bus all the way to Santa Monica Pier. The busses are amazing as they have ear plugs and give a running commentary. The commentary is so interesting and we found out lots of things about LA we otherwise wouldn't have known about. 

The bus took about an hour it get to the beach. Santa Monica Pier and Beach is simply amazing. The pier is where Forest Gump walks to the end of and then turns around. On the Pier is a Bubba Gump restaurant so we took a few cheeky pics.

The pier is also where the Route 66 ends, so we took pics at the sign also!

The pier is amazing, there is arcades, restaurants and shops. We walked all the way to the end of the pier and chilled on a bench admiring the view. I could've spent all day there!

We then headed back to the bus stop to jump back on the bus. The bus took us through some more super rice rasas such as a place called Brentwood where lotsa celebs have houses. It was all soooo pretty with tree liked roads and huge houses! 

We then got back off at stop 7 and transferred back to the red route to head home. We took a quick detour ake got off at stop 11, to visit the farmers market. Here were lots of street food stands, bakeries and fruit stalks. We went to a Turkish/Greek stand and shared a whole rotisserie chicken with Pitta bread! It was so tasty!! We also bought some fruit from the fruit stall. We shall be retuning here as there is so much food to try and it was such a cute place.

We got back on the red route to head back to Hollywood, passing the famous Hollywood sign on the way.

We got off at the Chinese Thestre, where the tour began!

Included in our ticket price was free entry to Madame Tussaud's so se decided to venture there. It was hilarious and we took far to ,ant pictures but we had a blast!

We them headed back to the hostel to cook pasta for tea followed by raspberries for pudding! We chilled in our Pod and then got an early night!

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