Sunday, 24 August 2014


We checked out of Patterson on Friday 15th august and got a cab at 8.30 to the megabus stop in downtown orlando. Although you can't really call it a bus stop, it was more like a marquee in a parking lot!

The megabus was supposed to take 4 hours to get to miami, however horrendous rain and traffic meant we were sat on the bus for nearly 6 hours! We were dropped off in another car park, fab! We borrowed another Disney CPs american phone and called for a cab! We arrived at our Appartment and first impressions were good, it was modern and perfect for us! However this all changes! Haha!

We were all knackered so headed to five guys for dinner. It was my first ever five guys and well worth the wait! I had the bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce! We them went to the grocery store. Chelsea and I bought some Ben and Jerrys for dessert and a box of pop tarts for breakfast.

The next morning we got up and headed to the beach. South Beach is honestly one of the nicest beaches I've been to. The golden sand, palm treas and sea :) the sea was really warm as well which was nice! We sunbathed from 9 til about 2, when it was getting a little but too hot!

We went on the hunt for this ice cream shop called The Freize which was located on the Lincoln Road Mall. The ice cream was yum, I had the salted caramel and cappuccino chip!

We went home to shower before heading back to the Lincoln Road Mall. This is basically a long street of shops and restaurants and is really nice. There are shops including, Victoria secret, Zara, forever 21 and H&M. I bought some nail polish and sunglasses from forever 21.

We then headed up to Collins avenue as we had noticed a shop that sold suitcases. Lily and Amy wanted carry on suitcases and I wanted a large suitcase as my rucksack was breaking and not practical at all. I could not carry it at all, it was bigger than me and made me fall over! Ahaha!!

We were planing on cooking enchiladas of fajitas for tea however Walgreens was rubbish and has no ingredients, not even packets of chicken!! So we went to a pizza place called Groovy Pizza instead. We got a large meat feast to share for $20. It was humungous!!

We walked back to the Appartment, made cheesy nachos and ate the pizza whilst watching Bridesmaids and drinking beer! Perfect evening!!

On Sunday we decided to walk down south beach to 5th street as this was where the lifeguard hut with 'Miami beach' written on it was!

We chilled by the beach all morning then Chelsea and I wandered to get frozen yogurt from Pinkberry.

We sunbathed a bit longer then went back to the Appartment to chill.

We then had a disaster with the toilet and it broke and leaked everywhere and the shower was blocked too. We texted the owner who said he would send someone over. We waited for 3 hours before the lady who checked us in arrived. She looked at it and realised it was serious so called the owner. I spoke to him on the phone and he was extremely rude but then agreed to drive over and see it. He lived 40 mins Away. He arrived and agreed it needed an expert to fix. He said he would move us to another appartment, however it was far away and Chelsea and I were getting picked up from outside the Appartment the next day so needed to stay.
However he gave us 1 days rent back.

The next day we had to check out at 11.30 so we went for a walk along ocean drive and grabbed a Starbucks.

We said goodbye to lily and Amy and them waited on seats outside the front of the Appartment chilling for 2 hours as Chelsea wasn't getting her airport transfer til 2pm.

We then said goodbye and I went to the nicest Italian on Espanola Way and enjoyed the nicest homemade pasta I have eaten since visiting Italy 4 years ago!

I then waited outside for my airport transfer at 4pm.

I flew from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas! Woooooo!!

Miami was a blast and I loved south beach so much, it was one of the nicest beaches I have visited! :)

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