Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Grand Canyon

When in vegas you have to do the day tour to the Grand Canyon, it's a long long day but so worth it!

We looked at tour prices on the strip and people were offering it for $140, we looked online and it was $80 so we booked that. We got picked up from our hotel at 5.45am!!

The bus took us to the tour depot place where we checked in and stuff. Here we found out that we were on the same tour as people who had paid the $140, so we were lucky to have found it online for much cheaper!

At 7.20 we left the depot and were on our way to the first stop, the Hoover Dam. This was about 40mins outside of Vegas. The dam was pretty cool and we took some pics, we were only given 15 mins here so had to be quick!!

We hopped back on the bus and on route to the Grand Canyon. At 9 ish we stopped at a maccies for 15 mins for people to grab breakfast then back on the bus it was.

We finally made it to our lunch stop at 1.30. We were given lunch tokens and I chose the pizza :)

At 1.30 it was back on the bus for the final drive to the canyon. We got off and were given 1 hour to explore. It was simply breathtaking. The views were unreal and nothing writing, speaking or even photos can do justice - you just have to go there!

We then got back on the bus for a short drive to a lodge place. Here was where people can stay in the canyon, I would love to stay one day it would be so peaceful and chilled. Could do long beautiful walks and take some pretty pictures. Unfortunately all the pics I took here were on my camera so can't upload them to my blog!

We explored here, looked in the gift shops and then treated ourselves to some yummy ice cream. Again we were given an hour to explore here. At 4.15pm we were on our way home. A fab 5 hour bus journey ahead of us!!!

Literally had the best day ever, i can tick the Grand Canyon off my bucket list and would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to go and visit if they can!

Maybe next time I will do the helicopter ride as well!!

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