Sunday, 24 August 2014

Farewell Disney

My last shift at the boutique was on wednesday. I had the closing shift with my fave Kelley Jo.

Ever since working together we had wanted to go on the hot air balloon at DTD, so we decided to do it before work. Before 10am it's $10 for cast members so we arrived just before 10! The ride was cool and you could pick out certain landmarks, such as Everest at AK, Tower of Terror at HS, blizzard beach, typhoon lagoon, the boardwalk and the ugly building that is the Contemporary Hotel. We couldn't see the castle at MK at all!!

Afterwards we went to Starbucks and got some breakfast then wandered the shops, before getting a famous Earl of Sandwich. This time I went for the BBQ chicken which was yum!!

It was then time to head to work for my final shift! I was pleased it was Kelley Jo and I closing as we work so well together (the dream team/#bibbidibobbidibabes) and we always have lots of fun working together! The highlight of the day was serving Jamie Lynn Spears, her husband and daughter Maddie, although it wasn't until afterwards that we were told it was them! They stood out as guests to me however, as I remember thinking to myself that she was really pretty and I commented to Kelley Jo, that I thought the ladies husband had 'a sexy voice' HAHA!!

We got a visit from Heidi and pixie dusted her and took cute pics! I had booked Paradiso for 9pm for all the FGITs to go to after work for a farewell meal. However Kelley Jo and I ended up getting extended by 45 mins as we were so busy

The meal was lovely and I shared it with my faves :)

The next day was our last full day and flat 16305 decided to go to IHOP (international house of pancakes) for breakfast. We got the bus to vista and endured a long walk in the heat to the restaurant, but it was worth it! I had the chocolate chip pancakes and mango lemonade!

Amy, Steph and I headed to Magic Kingdom. We watched mickey's philarmagic for the last time and also rode big thunder mountain before watching the parade at 3!! We were very lucky they did not cancel the parade as it was raining slightly, phewww!

Afterwards we watched, monsters laugh floor. It's the most hilarious show where members in the audience get picked on. This lady was a target in ours and absolutely hated it, which made them pick on her more! It was brilliant!

We then got the bus to animal Kingdom lodge for dinner at Boma. This was an African buffet, which was tasty but far to over priced for what you get. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone and would not return. It felt like a food court and for $40 per person was not the atmosphere I expected. However was nice for all the girls to be together :)

We got the bus back to MK it watch wishes, which was beautiful as per usual!

I can't believe the program is over, there have been high and lows (and I shall be doing an honest post of the program in the near future), but it has been an experience. If I hadn't done the program I would never have made such great friends, friends that I will keep in touch with and be friends with forever. I hope to see all the american gals in the future, our paths will most likely cross!

Would like to make a shout out to my bestest ever roomie Chelsea, I am gonna miss seeing you everyday, coming home to see you and moan to each other or have some amusing story to tell! I have never laughed so much and I thank you for that!

Also a shout out to Heidi and Kelley Jo, I loved working with both of you and will miss you a lot!!


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