Friday, 1 August 2014


On Wednesday I attended Disney Graduation. It was held at Chatham Housing on the main field. It started at 2 til 6 however you could arrive whenever you wished and leave whenever. We had heard it got super busy so arrived half and hour early and joined the queue to get checked in. We finally were checked in at 2.15 and went to a tent to pick up our certificate, photo frame and Mickey graduation ears. 

Chelsea, Steph and I joined the queue immediately to get a picture with Mickey and Minnie. Thr queue was lining up in the full sun and lucky we went there straight away as we only waited 10 mins. Others waited over an hour! I got a picture with Mickey and Minnie :)

We then went and queued for a picture with goofy and Donald, then Re joined the queue for a Picture with Donald and daisy as they were on rotation. 

We then grabbed a table and some food and tucked into burgers and mac and cheese! So american! 

We also took advantage of the photo booth and had a couple of go's there. You get a print out of your picture which is a nice memory to keep! 

Finally we took pictures with our countries flag as it is a cultural representative program and we are representing the United Kingdom :)

We then went to magic Kingdom to get our hats embroidered and take pictures with the castle.

We went to a shop in fantasyland where they embroider the hats. It costs just $3 to have one line of writing. The lady at the register did a 'magical moment' for Chelsea and I and she gave them to us for free!! :) so nice! 

We then went and took lots of pictures with the castles and our hats. My favourite being the one of our little group throwing them into the air. The little girl that took the picture did such a fab job, she was inky 10! But her mum told me she wants to be a photographer! She definitely had the talent! 

After a long photo shoot we got the bus straight to hooters for tea! We had all really wanted to go here since we arrived and it seemed perfect for us all to celebrate together with a nice meal!

It was Wednesday so was boneless wing platter day! We got 10 boneless wings and fries for $6.99! Chelsea and I also shared cheery fries with chilli! They were amazing!!

Such a good day, I will be so sad to leave all the lovely friends I have made! :(

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