Saturday, 9 August 2014

Last three days off


Myself and 2 FGITs planned a day at magic kingdom! We queued for a cute picture with Marie, got Starbucks then watched the parade :) 

We rode Peter Pan, which I had not been on yet, it's a cute ride just like the one in Paris! 

We explored Tom Sawyers island, which can only be explored by boat! Would love to go to the island to play hide and seak it would be hilarious!! 

We grabbed lunch at Pinocios and got a good seat by the window looking over It's a Small World!

We also had fast passes to see Cinderella and Rapunzel and got cute pictures!! 

We then met up with Megan who had been working at the castle! We queued to see Ariel! Such a lovely day with my FGIT crew!


Myself, amy Chelsea and Rach had reservations at Sanaa! I had been here before and was super excited to return! See previous blog post! We went to animal kingdom in the morning and picked up fast passes for three rides! We queued for dinosaur for a little while and rode that - I love it! We then queued for a picture with goofy and Pluto, they are always lots of fun! We then watched finding nemo the musical which was good! Very well done, although the songs were slightly strange!

We hopped on the bus to animal kingdom lodge and were lucky to be given a seat by the window in Sanaa so could watch all the animals while we waited! A strange bird took a fancy to us and stayed by the window the entire time!! Chelsea and I shared the breads for starter then I had the lamb burger which was amaZing! It came with sweet and normal roast potatoes which were delicious!! 

We got the bus back to the park just in time to ride Everest which is one of my favourite rides!!! We then went on safari which is too much fun, I love it! Afterwards we did rafikis planet watch where you take a train to a conservation centre and can pet goats and pigs and other farmyard animals! I also got a picture with rafiki! 

Finally we ended our time at the park with watching the lion king show! It is simply stunning and the third time of watching It! It never gets boring! I would reccomend this show to anyone!! 

We decided to head to the boardwalk to get something sweet! We decided to try and go to beaches and cream and have a sundae. This was the place we went to for the ice cream sink and the sundaes looked amazing! The diner is pretty booked up but we decided to try and get a walk in and were successful! We all had the same sundae but picked different flavours of ice cream! It came with brownies and Oreos and whipped cream and hot fudge sauce and was delicious! Seriously have an addiction to ice cream now!

Then we headed home to bed after a brill day!!


Rachel and I got the bus To magic kingdom! We went straight to the fast pass kiosk to obtain our fast passes for the day. We were lucky enough to get ones for mine train and they were for straight away! We went straight to the ride! Mine train is a new ride and the line is always so long!! We then rode the train around the whole park as neither of us had been on it before! We then queued to see Minnie and daisy in a circus themed tent followed by Donald and goofy! We got some cute pics!

We then were lucky enough toget a walk in at Tonys which is the lady and the tramp Italian restaurant! It's beautiful inside! I was torn between two items on the menu but our server recommended the cannelloni and I am so glad he did as it was divine! Mmmmmm!!

We then went shopping and watched the festival of fantasy parade! Then saw aurora as there was no one in line to see her, strange!

We got the bus to cast connections but didn't buy anything and then headed to hollywood studios to meet holly and Chelsea! We rode rockin rollarcoaster then chilled in sunset ranch eating ice cream ready to watch the Frozen fireworks for the last time! They were cute and it will be a nice memory as it is literally Frozen mania over here!!

What a superb three days off to end my program! I am now in the middle of working 7 days in a row before my final shift on Wednesday! Where has the time gone!!??

Bye for now :)

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