Sunday, 10 August 2014

First and only shift at Cinderella's Castle

So I decided that before I left I wanted to pick up a shift at the boutique in Cinderella's castle. I was super nervous however I am so glad I did! I had the best day ever!

The castle cash wraps work slightly different to the downtown ones. At the castle we are assigned tasks, either register, doorgreeter, book or stock and sometimes castle building. 

I was mostly on register or door greeter. My favourite being door greeter! The entrance to the boutique is inside the castle and so therefore super popular with guests. Guests think it is a way to enter and see inside the castle and go upstairs like you can do at Disneyland in California! This means you are constantly ensuring that guests are not entering the boutique if they shouldn't. It was quite stressful at times but good fun. 

Whilst a door greeter a little girl came and asked for a picture as she thought I was Rapunzel (my costume is purple and I guess I have long-ish blonde hair!). Another littler girl asked me to sign her autograph book! I signed it 'FGIT rachel'! However later on I was told she thought I was Cinderella! 

I also witnesses a couple get engaged which was magical. I gave them Just Engaged buttons and sprinkled the whole family with pixie dust! 

I was on the closing shift and we have just said goodbye to our last princess. We were sitting down for a de brief and story when there was a knock at the door. A little princess was upset as she didn't like the hairstyle she had picked, it was pink hair! Anyway we all told her we loved it and she looked great but she kept on crying. So the FGIT said they would redo her hair in a different style she liked. The family sat down and they fairy godmothers got to work! Whilst doing so we all sang beauty and the beast to her, as she was dressed in Belle costume. She started to cry and so did the mum and dad. We also danced for the princess. Once she was finished she was soooo happy and the whole family were crying, it was so magical! 

To finish off the best day, the fairy godmothers from the boutique at downtown met me and Megan after work to go and play in the park!

They got me to crouch down in front of the castle for a photo and then surprised me with a Mickey that they had all signed! I was not expecting it at all and it was so emotional!! A photographer even captured the moment!! 

I love all the College Program FGITs that I work with and they have made this program amazing! So glad I met them!! Thank you all xx

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