Monday, 1 September 2014

Cycling Yosemite Valley

We woke up in our tent at 8am as it was noisy outside. We got ready and then headed to breakfast. I had hash browns, ham, toast and fruit. It was delicious!

We then walked down the road to the bus stop to catch the bus at 9.25. We are not having much luck with busses and the bus never showed up. Finally a bus arrived at 10.24. We asked the bus driver what happened and the bus had broken down..... Typical!

We got the bus all the way back into the park and got off at Yosemite Lodge. We hired bikes here and headed to our first stop, Yosemite Falls. Yosemite is experiencing a severe drought and there was no water from the water fall at all.....

We continued on to Yosemite Village and visited then Village Store where we bought twizzlers to share.

We then headed to Mirror Lake. This was not a lake at all, again there was no water in here at all. This is what the lake looked like......

And this is what it should look like.....

We got back on our trusty bikes and headed to Curry Village. We topped up our water bottles and chilled on the decking for a bit.

We then headed to Swinging Bridge. I am unsure why it's called this as it doesn't swing!! Anyway we chilled here for a bit, people were paddling in the very shallow river, and some people had also made it their home for the day!

We got back on our bikes and headed back to Yosemite Lodge. We had toured the whole of the Yosemite Valley on our bikes!

We got the 1 and a half hour bus back to Yosemite Bug.

We had the tastiest dinner in the Bug Cafe. All meals included soup or salad for starter. Laura and I both had the sausage and bean soup followed by the Thai chicken green curry. It was delicious and felt like proper home cooked food. Even had lotsa veg! 

We played monopoly whilst eating delicious pie then went to bed :)

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