Sunday, 21 September 2014

New York

So I am home and settling back to this cold weather and weird time zone. I have unpacked and repacked ready to head back up north for my final year of Uni!!

Here goes my final post of my summer state side!

We left San Francisco on Monday evening, our flight was meant to be at 11.20pm but was changed to 12.20am (early Tuesday morning really!)

We spend the Monday exploring the parts of San Francisco we hadnt been to yet. We went to see the 'Painted Ladies' which are the famous houses. Shame one of them was covered in scaffolding!

We then carried onto Castro which is the gay district. We went shopping in a couple of really good thrift stores which had a lot of designer gear!

We headed up the hill of Castro and stopped at a cute cafe called Squat and Gobble. We both had pancakes, I had the apple crumble one. It was delicious!

We then explored Castro more and ended up a a cute park which a shop assistant recommended to us. We chilled there for the afternoon enjoying the sunshine.

We headed back to the hostel, cooked tea and waited for our transfer.

We took our first flight which landed at Dallas, Texas at 5.30am their time, only 3.30am our time. By the time we had got to arrival it was 6am so we grabbed the weirdest breakfast ever at TGI Fridays. There is a first for everything and this was definitely one of those weird experiences!

We then left Dallas at around 7am and landed in New York, Newark airport at noon. We treked accorss New York with all our bags and on various trains and finally reached our hostel.

We had been told to not go any further than 110th Street in New York, our hostel was between 110th and 111th Street. It definitely was not the nicest of areas but for the price was paid for the hostel the location was fab. Only a 2 min walk to the Subway. The hostel however was something else. It was, how to say it nicely........ disgusting. It was so dirty and the up keep awful. However it was a bed to stay in, for the cheapest you will EVER get in New York.

We showered, changed and headed to Times Square for dinner. I was like a proper tourist walking up the stairs from the Subway, just staring in awe at being in New York!! It was amazing.

We ate dinner at Bubba Gump, I had a yummy burger. We then treated ourselves to the most calorific and delicious dessert ever! It was our first proper meal of the day!

We then headed to the 9/11 memorial museum. It is free entry on Tuesday evenings, if you booked in advance. I had been super organised and had booked these tickets in LA!!

Anyway we went to the museum, and it was so well done and so moving. The stories to read, pictures to look at and seeing peoples possesions was all so emotional. The blue wall was a very clever idea and I even took a picture of the information as I thought it was a lovely idea:

We then headed back to the hostel.

On Wednesday we went on the ferry to Staten Island, this is free and goes right past the Statue of Liberty to get good pictures. We also explored Staten Island and saw the new memorial for 9/11. It was a beautiful memorial and there was a gardener arranging flowers there for the next day (as it was the 13th anniversary).

On arriving back to New York we went to explore the piers and chilled on a pier for a bit catching the sun. We then headed back on the subway to see the highline. The highline is a new garden which has been built on a disused railway. We got off at 14th Street and walked to the highline where we spotted an indoor market - Chelsea Market. We had a little look inside and then went onto the highline. It is such a cool concept and they difeinitely need one of these in London!

We then went and had dinner, my first ever Chipotle. Me and Laura both went for the burrito and it was soooo good!!

We got the subway back to our hostel, showered and got ready for the Yankees game.

The game was New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Jets. The stadium was huge! Again we got our tickets from and only paid $4. We then moved to better seats for a better view. The game was good fun, and of course the Yankees won!

The next morning I headed out to explore on my own, first I headed to Grand Union Station, took some pictures inside and then walked to New York Public Library, passing through Bryant Park.

I then jumped onto the subway to Lincoln Center where New York Fashion Week was being held. I didnt see any celebs but took some pics of cool people anyway!

I then met Laura at Times Square at 1pm. We headed out shopping. I bought some nice bits from Victoria Secret, its so cheap compared to home would be rude not to!!

We then walked 5th Avenue before ending up in Central Park and chilling there.

We then went to Bloomingdales where I bought my long awaited Kate Spade bag - its beautiful!!

We then headed back on the Subway to Chelsea Market as we knew there would be somewhere inside to get food - it is a food market afterall!

We chose this delicous Italian with homemade pasta. We also shared this amazing meat and cheese platter - delicious!

We then got the subway to 9/11 memorial to pay our respects for the 13th Anniversary. The area had been closed all day to the public and only open for family members, however opened for the public at 6pm. It was very moving to see the memorial, and peoples names covered in flowers, letters and pictures. Many people had turned up to pay their respects. There were also two lights in the sky to symbolise the two towers.

I feel very privaledge and moved to be in New York for the 13th anniversary.

The next morning we headed to Port Authority Bus Station to take the bus to Jesery Gardens outlet in Newark for a final day of shopping. The outlet was amazing, and we both spent farrrr to much but it was worth it! Getting Abercrombie and Fitch trackies for £12, you cannot complain can you!!

We shopped pretty much all day, and then got an Uber to the Prudential Center for the Enrique and Pitbull concert.

We were going up the escalators to our section, (section 231, super high up!!) when someone who worked there, think he was a security guard started speaking to us, asking us where we were sat.We told him and he goes, sorry girls you will have to turn around and go back down whilst taking out a wadge of tickets. He gave us new seats, section 3, ROW 1!!!  We went back down, all super excited and went to find our seats. We were at the front of the seating area. All that was between us and the stage was the standing area!! What a nice man to give us those tickets"

The concert was amazing and we both had the best night ever! Thanks Laura for the best birthday present!!!

The next morning was my last day in New York, and Laura was off to stay with her friend. We said our goodbyes and I headed out into New York for the last time!

I went to Brooklyn first to walk over the bridge to New York and put a lock on the bridge, along with thousand of other people.

I then went to see Carrie Bradshaws house from Sex and the City. Unfortunately it was having work done on it and there was scaffolding.

I then headed to the Imagine, John Lennon memorial in Central Park, before grabbing my second Chipotle of the trip and back to the hostel to get my bags.

I got to the airport and my flight was at 7.30pm.

I arrived in England at 7am the next morning.

What an amazing time I had, I am so sad it is all over.

2 months working at Disney and then 1 month travelling!

I am a very lucky girl, thanks to all who made it so special. And also to those people who actually read this thing!!

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