Wednesday, 3 September 2014

San Fran we are here!

We left Yosemite a day early as the worst drought in Cali for 500 years meant there was not much to do, especially without a car.

We got the YART back to Merced for our 1.08 train. The train arrived ,to tell us it was delayed due to the train in front having a mechanical fault and needing an engineer or something. We waited in merced for 1 hour, not moving.

We finally arrived to Emeryville where we got our connecting bus to San Fran. We arrived at Fishermans Wharf and ordered an Uber (our new fave thing!) to our hotel which was on Lombard Street. We got to the hotel, and got upgraded for free again. We had two queen beds each - amazing!! We showered got ready and headed out for tea. 

We wandered Union Street for a bit not finding anything we fancied then stumbled across a cute Italian. The Italian was buzzing and busy which was a good sign. We could only be seated at the bar which we were more than happy to do so. We were so glad we did as we could watch the chefs make our food in front of us. The chefs also fed us extra bread sticks and parma ham for free!! 

I ordered the sausage pizza and Laura had a pasta. We shared a carafe of white wine too :) it was delicious and so good to watch the chef make the pizza in front of me!

We walked home and went to bed to have the best night sleep ever! So comfy!

We awoke the next morning got ready and headed back to Union Street as we had spotted a bakery called La Boulange the night before. We ordered delicious pastries for breakfast and I had an iced caramel latte. Fun fact for you all, La Boulange make all the food for all Starbucks in America! 

We then walked the short distance a couple of blocks away to Mrs Doubtfire House which was 6740 Steiner Street or some thing..... there were lots of flowers outside and people had written on pebbles for Robin Williams.

We then walked and walked and walked for a long time to Union Square. It was up a hill, down a hill up a hill down the whole way!

It was worth it tho as Union Square was amazing. We went to the top of Macy's to Cheesecake Factory and waited for a table outside. We both ordered the tastiest smoothies and I had a cheesecake (of course!!) and Laura had a flatbread. It was a hard decision between the Oreo cheesecake and lemon meringue, but lemon meringue won!! 

We then went shopping around Union Square, there were so many nice shops and plenty of designer ones.

There was also a Westfield shopping mall which was sooooo nice!

We spent all afternoon shopping then wandered up China town which was pretty cool!! Before ordering an uber to take us back to the hotel, where we had left our bags.

We picked up our bags and walked the short 10 min walk to the Hostel. We checked in got our beds, showed then headed to Ghiradelli Square which was a very short walk away. It wasn't very busy so we looked around and headed back if the hostel to chill.

Night :) xx

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