Saturday, 6 September 2014

Cycling the Golden Gate Bridge

So today we woke up at the later time of 8.30 after having a half decent sleep for a change!

We got ready and headed to the cycle hire place to meet Chloe and Kerryn at 10.30. We picked our bikes and watched some stupid safety video and the route to take which was pointless and we were on our way just after 11.

The ride to the bridge took as along the coast and past a beautiful harbour and then up a steep hill to the bridge. We stopped a couple of times to take photos :)

We then cycled on the bridge which was super cool, and obv took selfies! Hahaha!

We then cycled down hill to another cut harbour looking out towards San Fran. We continued along the coast and up a number more hills before we reached the town of Sausalito. We parked our bikes and wandered the street in search for food. We found a cute Italian deli place which served the nicest sandwiches. We made our choices and ate the sandwiches on a bench at the sea front.

We wandered the cute shops before returning to our bikes. Chloe and Kerryn left us here and took the ferry back to Sam Fran. Laura and I decided to continue onto Tiburon which was apparently 45 mins away.

We started to follow the directions on the map but they were useless so in the end we just asked people and followed signs.

The route was amazing, we cycled past floating houses, several marinas, a college american football game and a park just for dogs!! We even watched a wedding which was soooooo cute! 

18 miles later we arrived at the town to find out they were having a beer festival! We explored the town and went to the cafe and then joined the queue for the 5pm ferry back to San Fran. 

The ferry was jokes as it was full of people smashed from the beer festival! 

It also gave us a fab view of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge (although we were sat on the wrong side to take pics!)

We arrived back in San Fran and cycled our bikes back to where we hired them!

We showered, changed and headed back to the wharf to meet Chloe and Kerryn for tea. We met at In and Out Burger. We had been recommended this by many people as it's only in California, so we had to try it!

The place is constantly busy and it was a fight to find seats! I enjoyed the double meat double cheese burger and fries!

It was 100% better than maccies and better quality too!!

We then headed to ghiradelli and Laura and I shared the chocolate brownie sundae! Mmmm!

Amazing day thanks guys! Xx

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