Thursday, 4 September 2014

Fishermams Wharf

After a horrendous nights sleep as we had two snorers in our 22 person dorm I woke up at 7.30 and couldn't get back to sleep, so decided to go on a run. It was the perfect temperature for a run not super hot like my runs in orlando! I managed to run 4.80km in 30 mins, not bad! 

We went and had the free breakfast which was surprisingly okay! Then headed out to fishermams wharf. We went to the Musee Mechanique which is one of the oldest arcades and features in the movie Princess Diaries. It was so cool in there and we had lotsa fun!

We continued along then wharf browsing in a few shops and looking at all the fish stalls and street food stands. We arrived at pier 39 which is the most famous pier on the wharf. There was so much to explore here, many shops and restaurants and things to photograph, I loved it! We walked to the end of the pier and then to the sea lions. They were so amusing to watch and so noisy too!!

We then went to the aquarium, this was fun. However it was very small and didn't take us long to look around at all! However I did manage to spy dory and nemo - you can take the girl out of Disney but you can't take Disney from the girl!!!

We wandered the rest of the wharf and then headed to a cute restaurant on pier 39 for a drink and shared a bowl of chilli cheese fries. I love these and will most definitely be recreating this when I get back to student living! Perfect after a night out, Crier just you wait!! 

We then walked to Lombard Street to find the crooked street, it was amazing! Can't believe people live on the street and that you can drive down it! It was hard to get a pic as there were so many cars! 

We then headed back it the wharf and went to a sweetie shop before meeting Chloe and Keeran to go to ghiradelli square. We browsed the shops here and chilled by the fire pit. C & K left us and Laura and I ordered chocolate drinks and chilled outside with the fire pit to keep warm. 

We then headed back to the hostel and here I am now writing this blog.

Tonight we are heading back to the wharf for a yummy dinner - cannot wait :) 

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