Saturday, 21 June 2014

First day of training in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

I had already picked up my costume so went to work at 9.30am in costume.

We met our trainers and did some admin on the computers and signed onto the Hub so we could get our schedules.

The Bibbidi Bobiddi Boutique in Downtown Disney is located in World of Disney which is the largest Disney shop in the world!! So I spent my training day with some CPs working in World of Disney. First we were given a tour of the stock rooms before being give a tour of the shop floor, which is huge! There are so many rooms to remember!

I was given a star wand full of pixie dust and had to go up to little princesses (or big ones!) and ask them if they wanted some pixie dust! I then said a cute little phrase and watch their little faces light up, it was so magical! 

After lunch we were sent onto the shop floor to interact with guests. In each room our trainer gave us a task and we had to complete it. Such a finding out where a guest had travelled from, or a guests favourite ride. I really enjoyed interacting with all the guests! 

Our day finished at 6pm, and I was shattered! However we had a welcome party at Chatham to attend. I rushed home and changed out my costume and headed to the welcome part. We got free pizza and soda and a picture with Peter Pan and Wendy. There was also a DJ! We thought it would be cringe dancing however the Americans know how to party and it was hilarious. Like being at an American college with dance offs and then suddenly everyone line dancing. This would never happen back home!! 

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