Thursday, 26 June 2014

Electrical Parade and Fantasmic

So To cheer ourselves up we try and make the most of our days off and evenings when not working!

On Friday 20th June I watched the electrical parade at Magic Kingdom at 9pm, we tried to watch it on our first visit to Magic Kingdom but it was cancelled so were hoping to see it this time!

Main Street was super busy so we went to Fantasyland to watch it and were right at the front, (after moving spaces as a child was sick near us!). It gets darker a lot earlier over here so it was dark for the parade. All the characters, trucks and banners had tiny little lights on so that they lit up! It looked so magical and I'm glad we got to see it! Here are some photos from the parade :)

On Wednesday 25th June myself and some of the girls headed to Hollywood Studios after work to watch Fantasmic! I had tried to go the week before and we waited for over and hour in the auditorium and then it got cancelled due to storms! We queued up for the 9pm show but we had really awful seats at the back and couldn't see anything so decided to try for the 10.30pm show! We asked a cast member when was the best time to arrive to get good seats and he told us the later show was quieter! He then gave us 4 fast passes for Rockin Rollarcoaster - how kind!!
We went to the ride and got straight on :)

We then went to watch the show! The show starts with Mickey doing some magic to make a Fantasmic show! This is also in the darkness to lots of lighting is used. They also use water and lights to create these cool pictures - it looked amazing! Lots of characters were included in the parade including the story of Pocohontus! Fire and fireworks were also used, it was impressive!

The end of the show concluded with all the characters coming out on a huge ship and fireworks! 

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