Saturday, 14 June 2014

Disney Traditions Class

On Friday we had Traditions class at Disney University. This is a class that every employee must attend before they can start work! More info for those interested is here!!

We got the bus at 6.45am dressed in our smart clothes to Disney University! We drove through the main gates to Walt Disney World, past Epcot and Hollywood Studios and then past Magic Kingdom and past Space Mountain to Disney University! The Uni is massive full of Disney themed classrooms and also a cafeteria.

The class lasted over 4 hours and taught us the 'Disney ways' and also gave us a brief history of how Disney was founded and all about the expansion of the business and growth of the parks. We watched a number of videos including one about Walt's life and 2 videos with messages from Bob Iger, the CEO!! And a handful of other videos to inspire us!

We also got to go to Magic Kingdom to the staff entrance and to the underground tunnels, it was soooo cool! Not sure what I can share about this so I'm sorry but I'm not gonna share anything.....!! :(

After the first break from class we arrived back to our room to Mickey ears hats, which were so cute! :) we also had the opportunity to win prizes throughout class, I won a Minnie figurine :)

At the end of the class we had a surprise visit from the boss himself - Mickey Mouse!! He brought us all our name badges! Mine says Watford on it, as they use your birthplace, but I'm getting it changed to say London, United Kingdom!!

Once class was over we got the bus back to Patterson! We could've gone to the parks but it was chucking it down with rain so decided against it!

In the evening I went for dinner with the house girlies to Longhorn Steakhouse! I had a ribeye with chips and salad! The side salad alone was enough for one meal! They also kept on bringing out amazing fresh warm bread! I tried Minute Maid lemonade for the first time and it was divine!! (This was also free refills, this place is something else!!)

For pudding we shared two puddings between 5 of us! I couldn't believe the portion sizes, as if one person would manage that! We had a lava chocolate cake and a delicious apple pie! Wow!!!

We also received our passes which means we can finally get our free entrance to the parks so off to explore Magic Kingdom today for my first time ever - far too excited!! 

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