Sunday, 1 June 2014

8 days to go

8 days til I fly out for the Summer of a lifetime working at Walt Disney World Florida! I am far too excited, and have packed already (bit keen?!!).

I thought I would start a blog so that my family can see what I am getting up to! Don't think anyone else will be reading this, but it will be something nice that I can look back on to remember my summer working for the mouse!

The next 8 days are going to go far too quick, 6 days left at work. Finishing placement on Monday 9th June then head straight to the airport to stay at a Travelodge, before getting up early on the Tuesday for my morning flight!

As I already work for Disney on placement year, I have access to a system called Rostr where you can search all employees. I have searched myself and found out where I am working. You normally find out where you are working a couple of days after arriving in Florida, so this is a little bit cheeky!! Now I know where I am working my nerves have disappeared and I am super excited.

However you will have to follow this blog to see where I will be placed for my 2 months in Florida!
It will be worth the wait - I promise ;)

See ya real soon :)

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