Sunday, 4 September 2016

Australia: Magnetic Island

From my first week in Cairns I then took the bus to Townsville where I then got the boat across to Magnetic Island. I didn't really know what to expect from the island as I hadn't done any research and the lady at STA had booked it all for me!

The boat was a quick journey across and I met some girls that seemed to be nice, but turned out to be very two faced. You soon learn when travelling that not everyone is nice and that not everyone wants to make new friends, especially when people are already travelling with a friend!

From arriving to the jetty I then took a bus to the hostel, which took us a long route through some tiny street and finally dropped us off right outside the hostel. I was staying at Base (which is basically the only hostel on the island!). The hostel was beautiful, right on the beach and the dorms were like cabins, I checked in and headed to my cute dorm. It was nearly dinner time so I headed to the communal area to get my free welcome drink. In the queue I got chatting to a group of friends who were from London and travelling together. They were super friendly and invited me to get dinner with them. They had hired a pink barbie car (which is what the island is famous for!) and took me for a spin in it, which was such fun! We didn't find anywhere for food so headed back to the hostel to eat there. We ordered our food and some drinks.

The evening entertainment for that night was Boozy Bingo, the name pretty much says it all! I had a cracking evening and it ended with us all dancing on the tables! The strange thing was that at midnight its illegal to stay open any later so everything shut down and we all headed to bed!

The next morning it was Australia Day. I met a friend at breakfast and we decided take advantage of the free snorkelling, however the conditions weren't very good. We ordered some beer and sat by the pool for the rest of the day. Sadly I had to leave that afternoon to catch the bus to Airlie Beach. I wish I had stayed an extra day on Magnetic and had the opportunity to explore the island, I will know for next time!

We got the boat back to the mainland and then I took my bus onto Airlie Beach. As it was Australia Day the bus was so empty so I enjoyed a lovely sleep!

I arrived to Airlie Beach and walked to the Nomads hostel and had an early night ready for the Whitsundays tour the next day!

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